The archipelago is home to some stunning underwater landscapes across the 1,700 islands, and there are scuba diving opportunities aplenty with a … The Florida Keys have officially been back in business to visitors since Oct. 1, 2017, just three weeks after Hurricane Irma made landfall in the Lower Keys. 1. Have you ever wondered how many small islands make up the Florida Keys and why are they called Keys? The Key West City Council repeatedly complained about the roadblocks, which were a major inconvenience for travellers, and hurt the Keys' important tourism industry. Do you know the answer right off the top of your head? This changed with the completion of Henry Flagler's Overseas Railway in the early 1910s. [30], Coordinates: .mw-parser-output .geo-default,.mw-parser-output .geo-dms,.mw-parser-output .geo-dec{display:inline}.mw-parser-output .geo-nondefault,.mw-parser-output .geo-multi-punct{display:none}.mw-parser-output .longitude,.mw-parser-output .latitude{white-space:nowrap}24°40′01″N 81°32′39″W / 24.66694°N 81.54417°W / 24.66694; -81.54417, Coral cay archipelago in Florida, United States of America, The Keys were formed near the edge of the Florida Platform. [19] The damage was the worst in the Lower Keys, though less severe in Key West;[20] parts of the Lower Keys may be uninhabitable for months. Jen answered, “I don’t know but let’s ask Google!” Here it is just for you. The total land area is 137.3 square miles (356 km2) which is made as we said previously of 1700 Islands. Winds were estimated to have gusted to 200 mph (320 km/h), raising a storm surge more than 17.5 feet (5.3 m) above sea level that washed over the islands. Palm Island (also known as Don Pedro Island) in Charlotte County. We at Sail Fish Scuba just love helping everyone have the best possible dive or snorkel tour every single day of the year! The Florida Keys reopened on June 1st, removing its checkpoint and allowing tourists to … Soldier Key. On September 12, parts of the Keys were still inaccessible by causeway and some areas were closed to the public. Latest. Even before the hurricane, road sections and highway bridges allowed automobile traffic to travel from Miami to Lower Matecumbe Key, where a car ferry connected with another roadway section through the Lower Keys. Connected by bridges and causeways, each key has its own unique set of attractions while the destination itself is most widely-recognized for its amazing fishing, boating, snorkeling, scuba diving, sunsets, and of course, Key Lime Pie. How many islands are in the Florida Keys? We have no salary staff, so these folks make their living working for you and would have little chance of finding other work with this short of notice. There are several islands that make up the Florida Keys and they all vary in size, population, and level of seclusion. Fat Deer Key. Key Largo. The exposed reefs and sediments were heavily eroded. The climate and environment of the Florida Keys are closer to that of the Caribbean than the rest of Florida, though unlike the Caribbean's volcanic islands, the Keys were built by plants and animals. Today the total land area of the Florida Keys is 137.3 square miles (356 sq km) and in total there are over 1700 islands in the archipelago. Because of the resultant economic struggles the mayor of Key West, Dennis Wardlow, declared the city as independent and renamed it the Conch Republic on April 23, 1982. (Knights, Vaca, Boot, Long Point, Crawl, and Grassy Keys, as well as most of Fat Deer Key, are incorporated in the city of Marathon. Key Largo is bordered on the west by Florida Bay and the Everglades National Park backcountry, and to the east by the Atlantic Ocean, home to the clear waters of the Gulf Stream. Daily Keys Weather Report: Key Largo, Florida 10 Best Places to Visit in Panama. 5 Ways the Luxurious Eclipse at Half Moon Will Thrill You. Official records for Key West were kept at the Weather Bureau in downtown from January 1871 to February 1958, and at Key West Int'l since March 1958. The Florida Keys are a coral cay archipelago located off the southern coast of Florida, forming the southernmost part of the continental United States. As a result, these problems the U.S. Border Patrol began a series of roadblocks on the bridge from the keys to search cars returning to Florida’s mainland for illegal drugs and immigrants in 1982. [5] The islands in the southwestern part of the chain, from Big Pine Key to the Marquesas Keys, are exposed areas of Miami Limestone.[6]. A road trip through the Florida Keys is its own reward: a 113-mile journey across islands with some of the most jaw-droppingly gorgeous scenery you’ll ever lay eyes on. Yes. [23] The remaining portion of Fat Deer Key and most of Shelter Key are part of Key Colony Beach.). 15 Best Secret Islands in Florida. Their deaths caused anger and charges of mismanagement that led to a Congressional investigation. The climate also allows many imported plants to thrive. Little Crawl Key. Time estimates for evacuating the entire Keys range from 12 to 24 hours. Key West, Florida is an exciting tourist destination for many people. Composed of coral and limestone, the islands curve southwestward for about 220 miles (355 km) from Virginia Key in the Atlantic Ocean (just south of Miami Beach) to Loggerhead Key … The native flora of the Keys is diverse, including members of both temperate families, such as red maple (Acer rubrum), slash pine (Pinus elliottii var. The total land area is 137.3 square miles (356 km2). Our staff have already committed to working for you on this day and they are all independent contractors. ), Jamaican dogwood (Piscidia piscipula), and many others, which grow only in tropical climates. Getty. Mile markers are listed for keys that the Overseas Highway runs across or near. The strongest hurricane to strike the U.S. made landfall near Islamorada in the Upper Keys on Labor Day, Monday, September 2, 1935. Key Biscayne is not one of the Florida Keys, but the southernmost of the barrier islands along the Atlantic coast of Florida. One of the longest bridges when it was built, the Seven Mile Bridge connects Knight's Key (part of the city of Marathon in the Middle Keys) to Little Duck Key in the Lower Keys. In response, many homes in the Keys are built on concrete stilts with the first floor being not legally habitable and enclosed by breakaway walls that are not strongly attached to the rest of the house. The islands are listed in order from southwest to north. Long Point Key. The following are "true" Florida Keys (exposed ancient coral reefs): The following are "transitional keys", made of exposed ancient reef surrounded by sand. The Lower Keys are the remnants of large coral reefs, which became fossilized and exposed when the sea level dropped. Here is a breakdown of some interesting facts concerning the Florida Keys that you may not be aware of. Approximately 1,700 islands make up the Florida Keys. The islands are listed in order from north to southwest. Key West is the driest city in Florida, and most of the Florida Keys can become quite dry at the height of the dry season. Why are so many people named "Chavez" ("keys" in old Spanish)? Florida Keys, island chain, Monroe and Miami-Dade counties, southern Florida, U.S. This archipelago extends over 198 square miles from the Soldier Keys to the Dry Tortugas. Yay!!!! The warm and sunny winter climate, with average highs around 75 °F (24 °C) and lows above 60 °F (16 °C), is the main tourist season in the Florida Keys. The city’s secession lasted only a short time however and Wardlow eventually surrendered. 8AM – 1PM ( 8:30am boat departure, Tuesdays – Saturday: If you start at one end of the Keys at Key Largo and drive all the way down to as far as you can go to Key West it is 97.6 miles, which should take you about 2 hours and 4 minutes to do on the US1. Tropical cyclones present special dangers and challenges to the entire Keys. Show the virtual coupon upon your arrival at each restaurant to get the great discounts. Resorts. You can learn about this fascinating natural world at the Eco-Discovery Center*, which is one of the kid-friendliest attractions in the islands (but also great for adults!). Resorts. Throughout much of their modern history, the Florida Keys have been an important area for drug smugglers and illegal immigration. The bars lithified and with changes in sea level are presently exposed as the islands, while the channels between the bars now separate the islands. [25] While some visitors arrive via Key West International Airport and Florida Keys Marathon Airport in Marathon, cruise ship or ferry from Miami, Fort Myers, or Marco Island, Florida, the vast majority of tourists drive down from the mainland on U.S. The Keys were long accessible only by water. Sign up right now to join the fun PADI crew of Sail Fish Scuba for the adventure of your lifetime. With more than 1,700 islands, it is not surprising that today’s Keys have ample abandoned history to explore. 1,700 Although it may be hard to believe, there are actually 1700 islands that make up the Florida Keys! However, very few of these are populated, and most are very small. Email: [email protected], Sunday: First, Get the Lay of the Land A road trip down the chain of Florida Keys is pretty convenient as there's one road connecting a series of about 800 islands. Most of them are small and uninhabited. Scout Key is home to Winter Star Party, a prominent annual amateur astronomy event in the United States, and one of the Top 10 star parties in the world according to BBC Sky at Night. Fiesta Key. About 70 miles (110 km) west of Key West is Dry Tortugas National Park, one of the most isolated and therefore well-preserved in the world. Facebook: Sail Fish Scuba The Florida Keys have distinctive plant and animals species, some found nowhere else in the United States, as the Keys define the northern extent of their ranges. Long Key. In March 2008, however, this bridge was closed to traffic as it was deemed unsafe and construction later began on a new bridge. In 1935, new bridges were under construction to connect a highway through the entire Keys. Only 43 of the islands are connected via bridges. U.S. Highway 1, the "Overseas Highway", runs over most of the inhabited islands of the Florida Keys. The "towns" of Key Largo, North Key Largo and Tavernier, all on the island of Key Largo, are not incorporated.). [27], The major industries are fishing and tourism, including ecotourism, with many visitors scuba diving in the area's protected waters., Elbow Reef Afternoon Diving South Florida, Peaceful Tours 16 through 31 January 2021, January Tours Key Largo 2 through 15 2021, Florida Keys December 15 through 31 Dive Report. Key West also still remains a part of the U.S, Looking for today’s Key Largo, Florida Keys Reef and Weather Report? Nearly any houseplant known to commerce, and most landscape plants of the South, can thrive in the Keys climate. You are missing one of the most special islands in Florida! Actually, Key West was originally called "the island of bones.” I forget right now. The waters surrounding the Keys are part of a protected area known as the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary.

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