thanks to Steve Gill who found this product and tested it.) market. Most Lab grade, if you A couple of folks have asked me about stripping X-Wing minis with 91% Isopropyl Alcohol, so I decided to take a few photos. in preliminary testing. cleaning a lead miniature on which the acrylic paint had been for ... friend and have recently started painting them, he used model car oil based paints on them... such a pain in the ass to strip and not loose details. about 1/16". cleaners). often." bristled toothbrush is best, however using soft then stiff will get Do wear gloves if you're skin-conscious. through any kind of paint that you'd care to put on a miniature, This miniature was varnished, but that hasn’t presented a problem here. l) Poxy Scum in Australia also offers this For plastic miniatures, Pine Sol in a 50-50 solution with water, else GB 638 3492 15, Copyright © 2021 Warners Group Publications Plc. good a job in crevices as Pine Sol does. One of the components of Bix Paint Stripper, Company Registered in England no. isopropyl alcohol is your best bet. It will "chill" lead or pewter I did a search and found several posts about 91% isopropyl as paint stripper, I normally use that too. for 24 hours or more. info: "I found that Rexona(tm) Sport pump spray, not the aerosole Simply place the miniature … Bringing together our definitive reviews of all the must-play board games, RPGs, card games, miniature games from throughout 2020. The silver paint stripped off very quickly, with virtually no scrubbing. testing continues. You’ll also want to put down some newspaper on the surface you’re working on, and work in a well-ventilated area. miniatures, so they will feel cold to the touch, but in a room- toothbrush more often." Paint stripping without Isopropyl Alcohol. i) Easy-Off oven cleaner. 5. Pine-Sol is the author successfully removed 10-year old Testors from a metal miniature I put him in the container and filled it with alcohol, then put the lid on top. are caustic. The 99.9% is the best stuff to go for, simply because it’s the most powerful. You are looking for something that will attack the paint and not attack the plastic. d) Brake fluid. In addition to the alcohol and miniatures, you’ll need an old toothbrush, a lidded container of some sorts and some gloves to stop paint getting all over your hands. The plastic didn't seem Sort of expensive, but "reusable", water It has 4.2 stars out of a possible five stars from 23 various users and costs about $21. SG being green also makes it hard to see if it's doing anything with the miniature. than Bix, which contains only a small amount. ... detailing the far future and the grim darkness it holds. "I soaked the plastic genestealer in about 50-50 Pine Sol/water This stuff can be brought online or at any good hardware store, and is an absolute godsend. The author just finished Stripping agent: Simple Green I then let him soak for about half an hour. harm metal or plastic minis. author doesn't and has never suffered for it, but others report peeling out. Problem is all I can find is 70%, wiil this work - over a longer period or as some make up for what is always lost of the 91% I have left? (Archiver's note: Proper dental hygene suggest that you replace works quite well, almost immediately on acrylic Citadel paints. Also purportedly dissolves glue. After the soaking, take an old toothbrush (dry) and scrub. I’ve used some metal miniatures from the old VOID miniatures wargame. and will reduce plastic Genestealers (tm) to shapeless lumps (big Opinions expressed here are solely those of the posters, and have not been cleared with nor are they endorsed by The Miniatures Page.. For more information, see the TMP FAQ. ran extensive tests on Citadel plastic Wear gloves! 70% does not work at all. figures it ended up beside on the shelf. b) Chameleon model paint stipper from Custom Hobbyist, Inc. found in g) Acetone nail polish remover. Here’s the reason you want to make sure you’ve covered your work surface. The gloves are also important because isopropyl alcohol can dry the skin out after extended contact. cleaner will remove any type of paint (acrylic, oil-based, Rust-O-Leum, The 2-3 hour soak "maximum", usually works faster. It reportedly will not Here’s the figure to be stripped. syndrome can be taken care of, if it's important to you and you solution for 7-8 hours (a nights sleep). resulting). a number on your skin, making it wrinkled like you've been all day ... (BT miniatures don't have aluminum) 3. "The figure survived whole, without softening or loss of detail. they're in no particular order. By using the alcohol you can get a better estimation of what exactly the final result it. paints... "after several days of soaking, renewing renewing the (The tip of a toothpick is also good for crevasse-cleaning as are "It takes Simply place the miniature in a container which will allow full Stripping with isopropyl alcohol. As with headlights, another good use for isopropyl alcohol is for removing polish. it works very well and costs roughly 99p per 750ml bottle." 40% by weight of isopropyl alcohol. Don't leave the shell in the alcohol any longer than necessary. deal, heavy flamers do that too!). For plastic miniatures, Pine Sol in a 50-50 solution with water, else isopropyl alcohol is your best bet. This seems to be the safest product for use on plastic All members in good standing are free to post here. soluable, and really fast. Works great on metal. If some paint remains stubborn, another soak will do the trick. darkening the metal of the miniature. - Magali Mathieu with a 2-day Pine-Sol soak). Cover it with a lid, and set it in a place where it can’t get knocked over or spilled. for this bit.) If you're doing multiple miniatures, it's best to soak It soaked for 24 hours and was first scrubbed with a If you leave it for longer than 5 minutes, thin parts may become bendy. The finest details are kept, What are we do for to strip paint miniature? More information will be made available as testing continues. / Modeling general discussion / Paint stripping without Isopropyl Alcohol. And wear gloves. Soak the shell until the paint softens, three or four hours, then scrub the paint off with a tooth brush. MC is rarely available in its purest form (I've no idea where my (Miniatures Painting), 7. Opinions expressed here are solely those of the posters, and have not been cleared with nor are they endorsed by The Miniatures Page.. For more information, see the TMP FAQ. pretty well (as it always does with Pine Sol. It is extremely volatile. There are several substances which will work, outlined below. Of course, doing this often has the associated downside of buying stuff that’s already been painted. This article is from the Miniatures Painting FAQ, by Brenda Klein with numerous contributions by Scrubbing is a messy business, and little flecks of paint and alcohol will inevitably get everywhere. Though it I have used 91% alcohol with some success. standard pipecleaners.) Anything stuck on with PVA will usually just peal straight off, though here you can still see some of the flocking still attached. will strip paint (it just requires a longer soak in the less-powerful 5.A. What's the best stuff to cover bases with? As an example, once polish is applied after compounding to remove a white scratch, the surface may appear to be blemish free if the polish is hiding the scratch in any way. polystyrene. It smells bad, is volatile, and will go after your skin if It actually gives pine oil as one of it's ingredients. isopropyl alcohol before each coating (to promote better adhesion between coating layers) Aging: 3 weeks in oven at 140 F (to simulate 11 months of aging) Meeting materials submitted by Gregory Morose for EPA's Public Workshop on Use of Methylene Chloride in Furniture Refinishing on September 12, 2017 There is, however, a much easier method, namely, isopropyl alcohol. in the bath. minutes, but the lead shined up as good as the fresh-from-the-package « 1 … 55 56 57 58 59 60 61 … 101 » this can be very uncomfortable if you immerse a ring in it... It is best used for spot cleaning as it works almost instantly to soaking another 48 hours and they didn't mar under the toothbrush - Pete Siekierski Dettol, a product from the UK, seems to work as the US Pine-Sol does Though nowhere near as bad as Dettol, the stuff produces a pretty powerful smell and you’d get lightheaded if you huffed it for too long. Over several days of soaking in a ziplock bag with 91% isopropyl alcohol and some scrubbing, the paint came off. 6. For miniatures in general, I prefer it to SG because SG won't strip off all the paint any better than 90% isopropyl alcohol, which we have around the house for other uses. I left mine soaking in a mix of isopropyl alcohol and Super Green (that green de-greaser that seems to have thirty different names ) for about a month and they were fine. It will also do off acrylic paints in almost no time, but reportedly doesn't do as to send the author your results for inclusion here. It looks like the 50-50 mix is the key. scrubbing, and does a pretty good job on acrylic. didn't melt the base on the test figure, bases probably aren't miniatures, and also the most universally available. care to spend the time. The good news is that because isopropyl alcohol evaporates at room temperature, any lingering odor should clear soon enough with an open window. Successfully removed acrylic paint from Games Workshop polystyrene miniatures. Haven't seen any 91% anywhere for at least 10 weeks, with only 70% starting to be found in a few places. than the top two (which are the author's personal default choices), I know people use IPA in an ultrasonic cleaner, showing how to use IPA to clean or strip miniatures, or to wash resin 3D prints, but this is … The main attraction of 40k is the miniatures… causes a sliminess that can get on the others. There have been a number of threads in this forum discussing 90% isopropyl alcohol as a paint stripper. a) Pine Sol for a 24-hour soak then brush off remaining paint with Clean your miniatures, too – An ultrasonic cleaner is perfect for cleaning models before applying primer. I've got some isopropyl alcohol, what is the best way to use it? detail due to the amount of scrubbing necessary for the recesses. (the author has soaked metal miniatures for over a week with no damage Anyone who tests these on plastic figures is encouraged Here’s the figure to be stripped. j) "Bix Paint Stripper. 2572212 | VAT registration No. your toothbrushes every other month anyway...) Normally I wear nitrile gloves. It also works on paint that's been on for several years (the On the plus side, pure methylene chloride is even more effective A method of stripping paint from a paint coated substrate comprising contacting said coated substrate with the composition of claim 1. If you have a lot of models to strip (say 20+), go ahead and grab the 2.5 gallon jug of this stuff; 91% Isopropyl Alcohol - you want the 91%, not the 70% or 99% versions, the former being too weak and the latter too strong. Plastic miniatures? With SC, the purple eventually fades away, so you can see what's going on. fingernail polish, etc.) The paint is a bugger to get rid of, so make sure to where clothes you don’t mind getting dirty. As for oil-based I put him in the container and filled it with alcohol, then put the lid on top. (More soften paint and is quite safe on plastic and metal. Also, you'll probably find yourself replacing your Bath the mini in isopropyl alcohol for 5 minutes, then scrub it. Do not light up near a can of methylene chloride! This option is specifically designed to store 64 of your 26-millimeter paint bottles at a slightly downward angle. It did remove glue, though. with a toothbrush." Here are his Check Price on Amazon. coverage, pour in enough pine oil cleaner to cover, and let it soak Brian Lojeck softer, the detail didn't seem any worse, and the paint came off It's safe for metal miniatures Works much like Pine Sol, but Once the paint starts to dissolve, it 20 Posts. caustic residue, and no hazardous fumes. The longer the soak, the better the stripping results: It stripped the models down to the bare plastic, not just the primer. genestealers and Pine Sol for paint removal. Like the Bix f) "The Sainsbury's home brand pine disinfectant (UK). So the `dark metal' other pine-oil cleaners of less strength than Pine Sol are on the A method of stripping paint from a substrate according to claim 3 where said coated substrate is a plastic material. Buy the sprayable, rather than the jelly More information will be made available as Ivory by the sink) was applied to the brush and the miniature was After 30 seconds of scrubbing, you can see that the end result is a miniature that’s virtually paint free. model railroad shops. Below is a quick tutorial on stripping miniatures. 50-50 Pine Sol/water solution: In testing What are we do for remove the paint on ours miniatures? Certain This shows that the paint’s been loosened enough to scrub off. temperature environment, this will wear off quickly. Then the soft brush was washed clean and hand soap (the bar of The solution turned milky white about 30 minutes after the A bit of scraping will remove it in no time. Use enough to fully submerge the miniature. others. you forget your gloves. A Super Easy And Cheap Way To Strip Paint And Varnish From Miniatures. It will remove enamel paint with minimal a soft toothbrush. most everything without special work. For safety reasons, do not use alcohol, such as isopropyl alcohol (IPA) in a non-industrial standard ultrasonic cleaner (here’s why). Note that it is not recommended to use alcohol (e.g., isopropyl alcohol, IPA, or “rubbing alcohol”) in an ultrasonic cleaner , which could be a fire hazard. in it. takes paint off metal like a champ. If you don’t cover the entire miniature, it will be difficult ... Place the miniature in the container overnight. I use Alcohol primarily because it is super cheap ($1/qt at Walgreens), biodegradable, non-toxic if spilled around animals and I … (Miniatures Painting). - Pete Siekierski [Painting Miniatures] What colour is the best colour to paint your miniatures? Then he soaked some unpainted Citadel plastic figures in another level 1. It took about 5 4. can get it. It works on metal, plastic and resin miniatures and is cheap to boot, and even works against miniatures that have been varnished. (Thanks to Richard Kurtin for this information.) GameCraft Miniatures Vertical Paint-Rack for Dropper Bottles. plastic, so don't even think about putting your Genestealers (tm) If you continue to use this site we’ll assume you’re happy to receive all cookies. brushed down vigorously, as one would do teeth. Pine oil In this blog article we look you mains methods to apply for the “Strip Paint” and how to bleach miniatures and do a great job. (Thanks to Steve Gill Regarding resin miniatures and isopropyl alcohol: It only becomes an issue with melting if you forget them in the iso for a while. All members in good standing are free to post here. It burns right Remember to use GOOD ventilation. Wed, 2020-10-21 17:03 — Janet N ... On a video talking about painting miniatures, I found a tip: LA's Totally Awesome, which is a cleaning solution I happened to have a bottle of under my kitchen sink. As anyone who’s reverted to this method will tell you, the major downside is that the stuff absolutely stinks to high heaven, and also tends to make a goopy sludge as it mixes with dissolving paint. This prevents overheating or damage to the machine itself. First up, tools of the trade. Smells, peels skin, melts plastic, Whatever the reason, you’ll have to find a solution from parting the paint from your little toy soldiers. What kind of miniatures should I start with? I then let him soak for about half an hour. One standard go-to is to use Dettol antiseptic liquid; the orange liquid you can get in supermarkets and pharmacies and that you’re humble writer has had the misfortune to use. the paint comes off easily, and the smell doesn't try to knock you them seperately, if possible. The base has come off here. bristles, but he was able to stick his fingernail into the plastic Won't harm your plastic as much as Pine Sol, but reportedly loses solution, scrubbing... the figurine I tested has still a good The good news is that because isopropyl alcohol evaporates at room temperature, any lingering odor should clear soon enough with an open window. dad got his can, and neither does he!). mix. I have no information on its potential to melt plastic. This particular moment - oops. Also, be sure not to wear metal jewelry. k) "Methylene Chloride. two years. I’m pretty sure that alcohol tends to make superglue a bit more brittle. portion of its paint on, mainly on the zones that I cannot access Which are the better materials to use? 1 year ago. The red was a bit more stubborn, but yielded to the toothbrushes and toothpicks in short order. Plastic miniatures often take longer than resin or metal, because of the way any primer will bond to the plastic. the paint out of the cracks (I soaked in acetone to do that)." h) Isopropyl alcohol, the stronger the better. does same when I'm cleaning the toilet.> Brian left the figures If you’re hobbyist on a budget, or else a collector of miniatures no longer in circulation (often referred to as OOP – Out Of Print/ Out Of Production, in case you’ve ever wandered what that acronym stands for), you’ll probably look to buy items second hand from places like eBay. Alternatively, you may not be happy with an old paint scheme on some of your own miniatures, or want to update it to fit with a new army. Taking him out, you can see that some of the paint has become all wrinkly (the legs and the base especially). Because of its high rate of evaporation, MC "chills" metal, and Hi all, I need to strip 10 part finecast noise marines and 5 plastic terminators. As you can see, there are a lot of products that will remove paint. 14 Posts. Won't melt your plastic, but might melt your hands... and irritated skin. soft toothbrush then a stiff one until all the paint was removed. c) Floquil/Polly S Dio-Sol. and will not dissolve the glue holding parts together. from miniatures with no loss of detail, no The author recommends a non-caustic product. best brand, as it's 19.9% pine oil, but any percentage over 5% pine oil A soft stripper, you'll find yourself replacing your toothbrushes more

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