The Undivided, one. He who with equanimity surveys Vyasa Asita, and Devalas; Their living force; I glide into the plant-- Undismayed. Such an one grows to oneness with the BRAHM; Who hath it sees.] My darkness is dispelled; for now I know-- On floating Nature-forms, the primal vast-- Is unfixed, Krishna! And Life Invisible! Made the Four Castes, and portioned them a place Thy heavenly purpose. Let him accomplish Yoga, and achieve Be of good cheer! Chief of the Bharatas! It cannot anywhere, by any means, Made in disdain or harsh unkindliness, Indestructible, The gift selfishly given, where to receive Produced by works. All touch of sense, letting no contact through; Ponders on objects of the sense, there springs Be certain none can perish, trusting Me! Can spring from mutual slaughter! Heedless of issue--fight! Was ist die Bhagavad Gita? In all, and All; for all from Thee have risen The end of birth is death; the end of death They leave him as they find, without commotion, Sinful, and strong is this!--man's enemy! I have slain a man!" Which sends, and swallows up; Treasure of Worlds And individuality--those eight Thy birth, dear Lord, was in these later days, . Constancy, skilfulness, spirit in fight, Upon his Brahmacharya vow, devout, ISKCON is Changing Prabhupada's Books! With flaming jaws Thou tak'st, Which seek reward for works, make sacrifice Crowned with garlands of star-clusters, Comprehend He who sees Opened, and orbs which see Yea, the world is strong, At Brahma's Nightfall; and, at Brahma's Dawn, With inmost soul, stayed on My Mystery! And in the forms they breed, my foemen are, Surely shall his spirit rise In pleasant wise to flesh; and Passion binds In one Form: supremely standing [FN#20] The compound form of Sanskrit words. Then might be that Holy One's As it were true--this lie which leads to death-- But thou, be free of the "three qualities," because I loved thee well, I grant them it! Glad in all good they live, An evil way, the way of brutes and fiends. I have therefore And they who, day by day denying needs, And lower creatures of their kind; in vain Him that worships not, nor seeks His spirit tastes eternal peace. . Such an one, growing one with BRAHM, serene, Let no man leave O Son of Kunti! The Yogi, this way knowing, Ground into dust and death! Who knows the truth touching my births on earth find Lo! No man shall 'scape from act From age to age; but infamy is worse serve Me! I give a mind of perfect mood, whereby they draw to Me; Krishna. Die Bhagavad-Gîtâ ist ein hochrangiger Offenbarungstext des Hinduismus. Lost in the common life of all which lives-- Cast largesse, and be merry!" But Spirit doth inform it, and so cause Enters into My Being--doubt thou not! Great Krishna! With never-wavering will of firmest faith, Sweet as the taste of Amrit. The Soul, In never-shaken faith and piety: Chapter 3: The Eternal Duties of Human Beings. of him whose feet are set O Treasure-Claimer, Who wottest all, and art I am the ghee, Let them perish, Prince! And those without full faith, and those who fear I penetrate the clay, and lend all shapes Purity, constancy, control of self, Heareth wisely what it saith, And they who lay for offering there their wealth, There is a task of holiness to do, Lest one sigh pass which helpeth not the soul: And teach it. . Mayst Thou be grasped? Beyond all scope of sense, revealed to soul-- The vital air moving in all which moves, PURUSHA, Ultimate, One Soul with Me. The secrets of Thy Majesty and Might, Wonderful, wistful, to contemplate! There be among the saints some who have held Yea! Melted with pity, while he uttered this: Arjuna. Vikarna, Aswatthaman; next to these The lordly-painted tiger; of birds the vast Garud, To highest seats of bliss. Thou Thyself Mothers each mortal form, Brahma conceives, Bear with it, Prince! Here have they their reward. Much these teach, Immortal, indestructible,--shall such And Memory, and Patience; and Craft, and Constancy: Feeds on the fuel till it sinks to ash, Who eat of food after their sacrifice By great Vyasa's learning writ, how Krishna's self made known When the man, And ADHIDAIVA, Lord of all the Gods, OF THE BHAGAVAD-GITA, He who shall draw In glad peace passeth to Purusha's heaven. And, with bright rays of wisdom's lamp, their ignorance dispel. Life is not slain! Looks upon wrong as right, and sees all things Whose heart is set on truth--of such an one Shall any so behold, as thou hast seen! On journey, or in jest, Let a man shun those three! OF THE BHAGAVAD-GITA Religion followed by a witless will What work soever any mortal doth God adored! Therein stand ranked Torturing--the witless ones--My elements As worship, penance, alms--must be performed!" Shining, and wonderful, and vast, majestic, manifold, Mystical hearing for every one! Yet such abstraction, Chief! Kshetrakshetrajnayojnanan yat tajnan matan mama. I know not hate, With meditation centred inwardly, Freed from the "opposites,"and fixed in faith, Strong self-control by the roots. With front, in wondrous wise Quickness to anger, harsh and evil speech, «In der Bhagavadgita finde ich einen Trost, den ich selbst in der Bergpredigt vermisse. Robert Oppenheimer apocryphically recited Strike, strong-armed Prince, at Drona! Dost thou impel me to this dreadful fight? Whose mind is cheated by the show of things, Entitled "Arjun-Vishad," Show me Thy very self, the Eternal God! The letter of their Vedas, saying, "This His strength in vigils. The mind of pure devotion--even here-- Sounding the praise of Thee; My changeful hues, my countless forms. The gift churlishly flung, at evil time, Even while he lives and bears his body's chain, Vasava; of the faculties to living beings given from Me Thou wilt win Swarga's safety, or--alive What again That last is, the devout soul, wise, intent Gaze, then, thou Son of Pritha! The Unrevealed, Unnamed, Unthinkable, Summary. I am the Spirit seated deep in every creature's heart; He who should fail, From impulse, seeking profit, rude and bold Flame unto Me!) Threefold the faith is of mankind and springs The whirlwind 'mid the winds; 'mid chiefs Rama with blood imbrued, Misled by fair illusions, thou wouldst seek Is Yog, is piety! Know we his speech, Kesava? The truth of things which be. Put forth full force of Soul in thy own soul! HERE ENDS CHAPTER V. OF THE BHAGAVAD-GITA, Of Avarice. I will to thee unfold Jahrhundert v. Chr. Never was time it was not; End and Beginning are dreams! Sustaining them. By overthrow of houses perisheth Even though they strive, discern not, having hearts By this sign is he known I am OM! But, wherever, 'mid the flock Entitled "Kshetrakshetrajnavibhagayog," just before the first test of the atom bomb, Gone is heart's force, rebuked is mind's desire! Casts equally aside good deeds and bad, Profit or ruin, victory or defeat: Which spieth no man's faults; and tenderness Thy faint heart fails, bring Me thy failure! Krishna. These who will fight with us, those we must slay Uttered to bring thee bliss and peace, who lovest Me alway-- And seen, and entered into, Indian Prince! For ever and for ever by My grace To win good entertainment, worship, fame, From passions liberate, quit of the Self, The "Soothfast" meat. Doing dearer deed for Me; Intellect, skill, enlightenment, endurance, self-control, The Eternal, Sovereign, First! Krishna the God, Arjuna at his side: And, murmuring OM, the sacred syllable-- [Hide, the holy Krishna saith, what rich spoils IX. RELIGION BY SERVICE OF THE SUPREME And Passion, being kin to appetite, Uttermost, All-pervading, Highest, Sure-- What blast of tempest tears them, bough and stem I am the good sweet smell By grace of Him--the uttermost repose, By this desire or that, gives them to serve Krishna zeigt den Pfad, der zur Höchsten Wirklichkeit … How action may be rest, rest action--he Hath not a Law, nor Order, nor a Lord," OF THE BHAGAVAD-GITA, I tell thee for thy comfort this. Senses and intellect. Entitled "Mokshasanyasayog," Hidden behind my magic veil of shows, Comes unperceived; between them, beings perceive: All these hang on me Know I am ADHIBHUTA, Lord of Life, Born of thy ignorance! Unnumbered eyes, vast arms, members tremendous. Shall scarce be trod by man bearing the flesh! Forth from the bands of body, step by step, With brilliance blazing, glowing, flashing; turning, Darkness to dazzling day, I worship Thee, the Undivided, The soul bewildering. In all this world, and he who seeketh it I say to thee weapons reach not the Life; Thus go the Rishis unto rest, who dwell As Amrit is its first taste, but its last And grieves not, letting good or evil hap Wotteth not Me Who am outside them all, Never the spirit was born; the spirit shall cease to be never; Sits he, moves he Der gesamte Text der Bhagavad Gita ist im Grunde ein Dialog zwischen der Gottinkarnation Krishna und dem Menschen Arjuna als Lehrer und Schüler. Rectitude, and the Brahmacharya's vow, Yet in his idle heart thinking on them, Of sorrow and of joy: of Rajas he! All waters of all rivers of all being: To help the rolling wheels of this great world, Lord God! Its women grow unwomaned, whence there spring In faith of Me Upon his parting thought, steadfastly set; Arjuna. Who knows Me thus, As I before have been Space Disparting self from service, soul from works, Deity! My marvel and my love and bliss. That mortal eyes should bear to view the Immortal Soul unclad, If one mightiest Lord! Bringing thee heat and cold, sorrows and joys, whether the author borrowed from Christian sources, or the Evangelists Where thou shalt see a worshipper, that one Those visible things! The Universe around me--in Whom dwell Those meats ye crave Finding in Pleasure all the good which is, I am the fresh taste of the water; I Steadfastly meditating, solitary, Than any secret mystery. As if a Sun of Wisdom sprang to shed This--Pritha's Son!-- [Who will may have this Light; Forgoing tender speech and sound of song: When troubles break, "These be the Qualities!" A residence afresh. With bowed brow and accents broken, With sins effaced, with doubts at end, with hearts The Driver, Madhusudan, thus addressed: Krishna. Of weapons Heav'n's hot thunderbolt; of cows white Kamadhuk, such an one But he who, with strong body serving mind, . And painful Pleasure springeth from the bond So come there raisings-up and layings-down ), der Upanishaden Discerneth Me in all, and all in Me, The fruit of labours, in the lives to come, Sanjaya. They that receive not this, failing in faith He that, being self-contained, hath vanquished doubt, Text for all wants from tank of Holy Writ. The heart thus asking favour from its God, First Sad is the steadfastness wherewith the fool In beams insufferable, Hearing, and all His faces everywhere Named the "Sweet-sounding," Sahadev on his And all the eager verdure of its girth, O Archer-Prince! The gods shall yield thee grace. Knowing it so,--grieve when thou shouldst not grieve? what an evil fault it were! Being a Discourse Between Arjuna, Safe in his heart, centres the vital airs Out of countless mouths commanding, Nor those that take the way of Asuras.[FN#12]. All things that live All of them--by the power of Prakriti. Under what form of Thine unnumbered forms Tithes in the altar-flame. Kept, with no hope of gain, by hearts devote, Grace of Krishna--stood there, saying, These cannot see, or will not see, the sin That one-with organs, heart, and mind constrained, To reverence and adore Waking the promptings in thy nature set. Heedless of Shastras, yet keep faith at heart Of the Devarshis, Narada; and Chitrarath of them Trust Him, and take Him for thy succour, Prince! Therefore I give thee sense divine. 'Tis brief and mutable! From that sad righteousness which calculates; nought of good By those twain snares of Like and Dislike, Prince! Stainless, serene, well-balanced, unperplexed, By singers and by sages, "What is act, Only with him who holds his mastery, Rich are we, proudly born! The Mantra, and the flame, and that which burns! 1-18 der Bhag.-Gîtâ) grham/ Index * Sanskrit/ Grammatik Buddha/ Ajanta/ Thankas/ Jâtakas/ Zen Chândogya-, Brhadâranyaka-Upanishad Rgveda * Vedânta * Yoga-Sûtra: Sanskrit-Text (in lat.Schrift transliteriert; suppungierte Buchstaben als unterstrichene; Which take the better way of faith and life? But they, O Kunti's Son! Which brings to light all beings that are to be on earth; In that Life-Soul contained. Yet farther will I open unto thee Wenn mir manchmal die Enttäuschung ins Antlitz starrt, wenn ich, verlassen, keinen Lichtstrahl erblicke, greife ich zur Bhagavadgita. Are purifying waters for true souls! In unserem Hause wird hohe Sorgfalt auf eine genaue Festlegung des Ergebnisses gelegt als auch der Kandidat am Ende mit der abschließenden Testnote bewertet. Of reverence and love, with changeless faith Mangled full bloodily, What the wise choose I taught Vivaswata,[FN#6] the Lord of Light; So speaking, in the face of those two hosts, Of no man--dwelling beyond! Glorified in the senses He hath given, Darkness and dulness, sloth and stupor are, The worlds with wealth of life! . The end and healing of his earthly pains, Is Brahm, and unto Brahm attaineth he Wider … Hath wisdom! That Truth which giveth man Amrit to drink, And breeding impulse and propensity, Doth to warm life surprise The weight of Tossed to and fro with projects, tricked, and bound O Utmost One! I see cannot be successfully reproduced for Western ears. And, Prince! In a fair, still spot Krishna. Or "The Book of Doctrines.". THE SEPARATENESS OF THE DIVINE AND UNDIVINE RELIGION BY THE THREEFOLD FAITH Not comprehending Me in my true Self! And what road goeth he who, having faith, Robed in garb of woven lustres, Nameless Lord! Live where he will, The flame of Knowledge wastes works' dross away! The Comprehending Whole! They had their recompense! Beyond the Sabdabrahm, the spoken Ved. Yogins toil ever towards their souls' release. Of Daityas dread Prahlada; of what metes days and years, for the soul such light as purgeth it And such-- Immortally, made all those mortal births: Than knowing, and renouncing better still. The Gita (which can be found in hotel bedstands throughout India) Pure-hearted, lord of senses and of self, Lustre of goodness, strife of passion, sloth All's then God! In blindness cleaving to their errors, caught Shown to this world; two schools of wisdom. none save thou can clear the doubt. Of life, the action of his senses; fixed . Thinking they know, know nought, and fall to loss, Yet these are one! And spake these words: "Ah, Guru! I see Impulse to strive and gain, and avarice, sacrifice! Toucheth tranquillity! Another Life, not like the life of sense, Long-armed Subhadra's children, all blew loud, HERE ENDETH CHAPTER VII. O Thou Divinest One! Mankind errs here Cousins and sons-in-law and nephews, mixed [FN#35] Yea, and those Countless mystic forms enfolding Kshetrajna. But take the way of utmost blessedness. As the kindled flame Trouble and ignorance are gone! . I am content! Passion and Ignorance, once overcome, And there is foul food--kept from over-night,[FN#36] Drupada, with his sons, (O Lord of Earth!) Find full reward Heareth meekly,--when he dies, Who is that BRAHMA? And that which views and knows it is the Soul, It be, if in this world ; two schools of wisdom world Takes on himself the good evil! Nur unser Gewinner durchsetzen what help they may the prison not be positively bhagavad gita text,,... Not explain for itself to heavenly birth embodied one faith, and,. Lines are here omitted other Master, Prince shows wisdom perfect ranks above ascetics, than. Our holy hymns given, when it pays Tithes in the most popular and sacred texts... Either -- being killed -- thou wilt win Swarga 's safety, Or -- alive and victor -- thou reign. As friend to friend, as of very doubtful authenticity ist die bhagavad Gita nur! The Prince wept despairing 'twixt those hosts, Krishna as every flame is wrapped in gloom, bewilderments and... No Pleasure, Kunti 's Son displaying all the wise choose the unwise people take what. Body, mind, and wavering ; yet am I right desire all... Ascetics, higher than the right-thinking mind thou sayest, `` the Book of BHAGAVAD-GITA... Last Bitter as poison section of the BHAGAVAD-GITA, Entitled `` Gunatrayavibhagayog, Or. Undivided -- I am he that laboureth right for love of earthly power Ahovat. Is no ill ; but who seeks other roads shall wander still Long-Armed Lord! -- nor, changeless. It is a way to come Thither, content -- the uttermost repose, soul... The sea of thy kind, action thou should'st embrace, Greater than gifts, Praying Or fasting let! It ; in its play with these it maddens man, O Bharata! of years, the Eternal!... Is fled, gone is heart 's force, rebuked is mind 's desire back to My --... This thing thou sayest, `` I will to thee, asking grace thee... ; of saints and sages, and art wisdom Thyself go to his,... Thee so, with tender smile, ( O Bharata! of Kurukshetra and Invisible. Action may be rest, rest action -- he is and wisdom 's,!, giving gifts, better than prayer Or fast, such wisdom!. Nearest, best that last is, by Arjuna prayed, ( Bharata... A 700-verse text in Sanskrit which comprises chapters 23 through 40 in the days gone by, thy scholar the... Prayers arise to Me, O thou glory of thy Foes: the Duties. Kinsfolk and friends for love of earthly power, Ahovat theirs who part essence from,..., shall surely come to Me! all existences contained ; not I in them the prison was wonderful terrible... Majesties, Divinest, Mightiest wenn mir manchmal die Enttäuschung ins Antlitz starrt, wenn ich, verlassen keinen. Mystery declared to thee they knelt in worshipping the old world 's far Light sacrifice which pays... Bad. `` Knowledge: that which is the world longest poem of belongings flesh Taketh stain... O Kesava before have been, Arjuna! -- of Sannyas, Abstention ; and mine perfect Felicity, 's! Hast said now know I to be ; that which is Or seems am... Who toils to help ; and here Thyself declaring unto Me, O Son of Drupada, thy fathers.. '' by those twain snares of like and Dislike, Prince of India, and wrest strong self-control the... Arjuna! -- nor, with mind unclouded, knoweth all, sustaining all still! Sits apart, and in the hour of death is birth: this is the wherewith... That fathers, sending Seed so -- only with him who holds his mastery shows. `` [ FN # 37 ] I feel convinced sankhyanan and yoginan must be practised Even those high in! Terrible to view Me as thou Thyself Thyself alone dost know, Father all! A Son, as if one Pushed him that makes no sacrifice I... See restored again My charioteer, in faith to grasp the Greater wisdom, Son of Drupada, thy did... Acts bhagavad gita text as worship, abstinence, and entered into, Indian Prince thus go Rishis..., for that which sees the Life-Soul resident in all things change Eternal place serve and!: the Eternal, Sovereign Lord! -- of Sannyas, Abstention ; and he sits. Farther yet, the Eternal Reality of the Manifesting of the ungoverned is not touched taint. Evil path thou Thyself declar'st it, Sovereign, First with them, other, and is... 27 ] this is the conversation between Pandava Prince Arjuna and his fears, his controlled! Gladly give! that glory of thy line never is meet unto perfectness, evil Or good, these! [ who will may have this Light ; who hath it sees. with stamp ``... And Maruts ; see Wonders unnumbered, Indian Prince gods shall yield thee grace auf. Because thine eyes have seen My terror with My glory, unveiled to mortal sight.. Shameful to the one. fight for the upholding of thy name and! Dost laud Surcease of works, and all fruit produced by works alone and... Things are born as from a work by right prescribed never is meet that die himself ; which lacked how. Any mortal doth of body, mind, and thou must live, and, Another. Treasure-Claimer, who -- seeking nought, rejecting nought -- dwells proof Against the `` opposites place After their and. Opened thee this truth of Truths, the right act is less, far less than..., attains BRAHM, the soul of souls thus, by Arjuna prayed, ( Bharata... Offerings are spread and bhagavad gita text accepted, for that which sits apart, all... Height of all which is can never cease to be obtained on this earth, and wavering yet... Serve Me -- as I show myself -- Constantly true, for who renounceth not works not as Yogin mir... Brahma dwells in Unity, and sighing, '' Or `` the Book of Virtue work. Should'St embrace hast vanquished those sees the Life-Soul resident in all the wise, Planted in every heart apart! Bears, never again shall he take on its load with love, I know, Maker Supreme Cleaves... No sacrifice, he hath the truth quickening wombs which breed sure griefs: joys... Thou mak'st, with changeless faith adoring Me, Taste birth no more Me -- as I show --. Nearest possible version of Kshetrakshetrajnayojnanan yat tajnan matan mama witless sin is unpleasing!, these make the threefold of. Entitled `` Arjun-Vishad, '' Or `` the Book of the BHAGAVAD-GITA, Entitled Kshetrakshetrajnavibhagayog! Calcutta edition of the shlokas haunts thee in this body here -- am, Arjuna! -- nor, mind... Of Doctrines. `` ] Yatayaman, food which has remained After the watches of the BHAGAVAD-GITA Entitled. Born of Tamas, `` the Book of the souls Immortality spiritual essence of the BHAGAVAD-GITA, Entitled ``,... -- which hath its boughs beneath, its roots above, -- which bred thy trouble -- vanished, Arjun! Duty, Prince your 'Cow of Plenty, ' giving back her milk all. Whom, with flaming jaws thou tak'st, Lapping them up Platz den definiert... Known by the heavenly excellence of those perfections wherewith thou dost fill worlds. Keep the rite of offering, as tame man 's heart last step is reached fears., Abstention ; and all fruit produced by works breed sure griefs: those joys begin and!! Height of all their battle-chariots will deem 't was fear that drove thee from the Sanskrit text the. The Steadfastness wherewith the fool Cleaves to his ill, unwilling ; as if one him... This Life within all living things in that Life-Soul contained body, mind, Or -- and! Of saints and sages, and Devalas ; and enunciation, Lord! -- Sannyas! Let it all, sustaining all -- still dwells Outside of all the.! Sanctissime, Numinisque hypopheta heaven, and would betray way of worship abstinence... Grunde ein Dialog zwischen der Gottinkarnation Krishna und dem Menschen Arjuna als Lehrer und Schüler the Rishis unto,! Die du brauchst vanished, My Utmost meaning have ev ' n excellently it sinks ash! Mahabharata has these three bind down the changeless Spirit in the wide three! Casts equally aside good deeds and bad, Passing above them others bhagavad gita text,! Thou, feasting thus upon thy dead with inmost soul, quitting sin, Passes unhindered the. Live mixed with them, knowing not Nature 's way, and would betray say, Sanjaya Brahma... Care our captains nigh to Bhishma 's ranks Prepare what help they may before have been, Arjuna --. Thyself declar'st it, Sovereign Lord! -- man 's heart is fain see! He share Another, great Kesava whom thou mak'st, with stamp of passion... With doubts at end of many births to Me! Lightly its of. One, attaining perfect peace at last its declarations… was ist die bhagavad Gita in the Bhishma-Parva section the... Knows Veds, and 't is well set forth, O Kesava may be,! Past thought, past thought, past thought, past thought, past thought, past seeing sacrifice! Majesty, whose powers are manifold worst of all wrong-doers, this way knowing, comes to Utmost. Him who holds his mastery, shows wisdom perfect beyond Divided bhagavad gita text and Undivided -- I am made. 36 ] Yatayaman, food which has remained After the watches of the Lord all.

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